Ok, so obviously my parents didn’t actually name me Care, but I’ve been called Care for as long as I can remember, so that is what we are going with for this blog. This blog is about the weird and random things that happen to me, which happen more often than you would think.

A couple other things to know about me:

I really like Jesus (I wouldn’t be who I am now without Him)

I am rough around the edges (fuck is one of my favorite words)

I love working out but also love a good bowl of Mac and Cheese

I’m from New Jersey (the small town farm part, not the trashy part)

I am a full-time dietetic student who works part time as an administrative assistant

My besties have been my besties forever  (since middle school)

I have 2 younger sisters – one biological (and married) and one adopted (and not married)

and last but not least- I am super single

Welcome to the craziness that is my life.